The story of Stack UI Origin

Take control of your user interface, develop UI Freely!

Hi, I am Kaustubh Shinde developer behind Stack UI. I was inspired to create this Freeform UI Library due to the limitations and drawbacks of the industry-standard method of starting a new project by importing Bootstrap or Tailwind or any other framework and working with the front end.

While front end frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind are popular and widely used frameworks, they have their downsides. Developers are required to download the framework files for every update, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, they need to study the new documentation with every new update and make changes to their projects accordingly, which can be cumbersome.

Moreover, if a developer wants to implement interface functionality that goes beyond the capabilities of the chosen framework, it can be challenging to achieve. This limitation restricts the creative possibilities and flexibility of developers.

Recognizing these challenges, I realized that there is a need for a middle-ground solution. I wanted to create a framework that offers everything a developer needs, without the need for installation and documentation. With Stack UI, developers can directly access the code and make modifications as required. They don't have to spend time studying extensive documentation for every update because any developer can easily understand the code and use it accordingly.

By creating Stack UI, my goal is to provide a UI Library that combines the convenience of pre-existing frameworks with the freedom and flexibility to customize and extend the UI according to specific project requirements, which can give more freedom and control to the user to develop powerful user interfaces. I believe that this approach will empower developers to create unique and powerful user interfaces with ease.