Join our Development Staff

Before joining the development staff you must read all the FAQs

1. What is Stack UI?

Stack UI is an Open Freeform UI Library that provide developers a stack of readymade resources to craft unique user interface. Its a complete free and open platform which allows everyone to use its resources for commercial and personal and open source projects.

2. How many people are there in the development staff?

Currently its only me Kaustubh Shinde a one man team!

3. What are benefits of Joining Stack UI?

Stack UI is open and free library and the entire maintenance & running cost is dependent on Patreon sponsorship. Meaning it is not a salaried project or place to earn extra income. Hence the benefits of Joining Stack UI team comes with other factors outlined below.

  • Every UI Resource you will contribute to this library will be accredited under your name.
  • Your Instagram and Linkedin Social media handles will be linked to your UI Resource.
  • You can use the UI Resource which you submitted on this library as your portfolio project.
  • You can plan the next innovation in the world of front-end as a part of Stack UI Team and this will add one more feather to your crown.
  • As this library will grow so does your name along with it.
  • Opportunity to work with different people of different creative mindset.
  • Opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than yourself.
  • You can work with us as you're working on a personal side-project continuing current job.

So if you are willing to join us send us request at - Join the development staff now!